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  • John Thavis

Decoding the Vatican — a new blog

Inaugurating a blog is a little like launching an empty cruise ship, in the hope that passengers will be stepping on board with every post.

This blog will offer commentary, news and insights on Vatican and Catholic Church affairs. It’s a different format for me, and an exciting one. For nearly 30 years, I covered the Vatican for Catholic News Service in Rome, writing thousands of news stories and many analytical pieces, trying never to stray outside the margins of journalistic objectivity.

Bloggers have more freedom — freedom to make judgments, raise questions, express opinions, link to other points of view and engage in discussion. In short, to make some waves. I welcome the opportunity to do all of that, and in the process add a reasonable and discerning voice to the religious blogosphere.

This blog’s launch coincides with publication of my book, The Vatican Diaries, a behind-the-scenes account of life inside the Vatican walls. One of the advance reviews said my book would “appeal to readers seeking understanding of or connection with the Catholic Church’s heart” and “is recommended for anyone who would like to challenge their own notions and perceptions of the Vatican.”

I hope to keep that same provocative spirit alive in my blog. To any and all readers, welcome aboard.

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